University of Texas Online Consortium

image of woman using laptop outdoorsRegistration and Enrollment Steps

  1. Admissions
  2. Advising
  3. Registration
  4. Payment
  5. Course Access

Step 1 - Admissions

Distance education courses can either be part of an online degree program or they can be non-program (stand-alone) courses. In order to enroll in online courses, you must apply and be admitted to a UT System institution. (This will be your home campus.)

Degree or Certificate Seeking

If you plan to pursue a UTOC degree, you must select from the campuses participating in that particular online program. Information, procedures, deadlines and admission criteria will vary depending on the program and the UT campus. The UT Online Consortium does not determine admissions requirements or deadlines for degree programs. Program-specific admissions and advisor information is available in each program website. It is a good idea to begin the admissions process well ahead of your course's start date. (Six months ahead for a degree program is usually a good idea.) Proximity to the university should not be a factor in your decision because the online degrees offered via the UTOC do not require onsite visits.

Once you are admitted to a UT campus, it is designated as your "home" campus. If you are a degree-seeking student, upon successful completion of your studies, this university will also confer your diploma. 

Non-Degree or Certificate Seeking

If you are not seeking a UTOC degree and simply want to complete an online course to transfer to another institution (even a UT System institution), it is advised that you apply to the campus offering the course you wish to take. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that credit earned through enrollment in a UTOC course meets degree plan requirements. General admission links to UT System institutions can be found on the Campus Contacts page.

Step 2 - Advising

Your academic advisor is based at your home campus. All questions regarding your degree plan or the transfer of course credits should be directed to your program advisor. It is your responsibility to ensure that a course meets your degree plan requirements.

Step 3 - Registration

If the course is offered by your home campus, use its electronic registration system to register. See the Academic Calendars for dates.

Home Campus Registration Systems:

If the course is offered by a different UT campus, submit an online registration request during semester registration in the Texas Information System (TIS).

The registration requests will need to be approved by your advisor, your home campus registrar, and the host campus registrar. You can track the online progress of your registration request through the TIS and you will receive immediate notification via e-mail from the TIS regarding approval/denial of your registration request.

Registration contacts and links can be found on the Campus Contacts pages.

Step 4 - Payment

Confirm your registration in the TIS and/or with the campus. Payment for a UTOC course is always made to the campus offering the course. Contact the registrar of the host university regarding the amount of your fee bill and payment deadline. It is your responsibility to follow-up with the host campus for information on payment procedures.

Step 5 - Course Access

You must log into to the host campus' course management system to access your courses. Remember that academic calendars differ at each campus.